BRUSSELS — The Chocolanté 60Days chocolate has received carbon neutral certification, the first product from Puratos to receive the certification. Puratos Grand-Place Indochina (PGPI), a joint venture involving Puratos, created the chocolate in Vietnam. It is available in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, France and Belgium.

Belgian climate consultancy CO2logic independently assessed the greenhouse gas emissions of all production activities of 60Days chocolate, including the purchase of ingredients, transportation, energy consumption during manufacturing and packaging. CO2logic offers a CO2 Neutral label that recognizes every step organizations take to reduce their negative environmental impact.

“We believe a great chocolate product must not only taste good but must also be produced in an environmentally-friendly way as far as possible,” said Gricha Safarian, managing director at PGPI. “That is why we pursued carbon-neutral certification. Achieving it is a part of our wider sustainability commitments and a great stride toward achieving our carbon-neutral objective.”

Chocolanté 60Days chocolate combines fermentation in wooden acacia boxes with slow-roast methods to create chocolate from tree to bar in 60 days. The process generates lower GHG emissions due to being produced close to the source and its short transition time.