DALLAS, NC. — GNT USA, a subsidiary of GNT Group BV, the manufacturer of Exberry Coloring Foods, is highlighting new color trends in a free webinar  on Jan. 24. Experts from the company and from the consulting firm Menu Matters will discuss the “Healthy Hedonism” ethos and its impact on the food and beverage space.

Gen Z is reshaping global attitudes toward food and drink, demanding products that deliver joy and excitement. Younger consumers also are purpose driven and have a strong commitment to holistic wellness and sustainability. With Gen Z’s devotion to social media, ensuring a visual impact is key to reaching this diverse and digitally native generation, according to GNT.

The upcoming webinar will explore how this “Healthy Hedonism” ethos is unlocking new ways to reach consumers through natural colors. Experts from GNT and Menu Matters will discuss emerging color directions and provide insights into how to create products with modern consumers. FBN