Food Entrepreneur BATTLE CREEK, MICH. — JPG Resources, a food and beverage innovation and commercialization group, has acquired the research and development team of RodeoCPG, a Brooklyn, NY-based strategic sales agency focused on supporting consumer brands at retail.

The transaction is expected to expand Battle Creek-based JPG Resources’ reach across the key development region of New York while allowing RodeoCPG to shift its focus to sales management technology.

Founded in 2009, JPG Resources provides a range of services spanning strategic innovation, product development, supply chain management, commercialization and ongoing support to food businesses of all sizes, from early-stage startups to national brands. The RodeoCPG innovation team will remain at its Brooklyn lab, and current contracts will experience no disruption while benefiting from a larger organization and broader support, according to the companies.

“Innovation continues to drive growth and consumer engagement in food and beverage, and there are few areas that cultivate new ideas like New York City,” said Jeff Grogg, managing director at JPG Resources. “Its diversity of culture and creativity, combined with a can-do ethos, is the perfect environment for the creation of new markets, brands, and products. We’ve been partnering with our clients to bring successful new products to market for 14 years, and we’re excited to expand our physical presence in this pivotal market and to add this talented team to JPG.”

RodeoCPG, founded in 2015, said it will focus on building the industry’s first technology-enabled sales management tool, tapping into its team’s sales and operational expertise to develop a solution focused on three pillars, including retailer selection, shelf execution and transparency.

“Throughout our time building brands and helping fellow entrepreneurs do the same, we have always wanted to improve the process of selling into retail by leveraging technology,” said Zachary DeAngelo, chief executive officer and founder at RodeoCPG. “This next chapter will take us to new heights and provide us with the necessary resources to take our refined sales management system to its full potential.”

Additional initiatives of the partnership are expected in the coming year, according to the companies.

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