Food Entrepreneur PHOENIX — A tiny tuber is trending in new products on display at Sprouts Farmers Market stores. The specialty grocery chain is showcasing emerging brands featuring tiger nuts in applications ranging from cookies to spreads to ready-to-eat cereal.

Described as nutty and slightly sweet with a chewy texture, tiger nuts are packed with prebiotic fiber, vitamins and minerals. The root vegetable has gained traction in grain- and nut-free formulations. To build awareness of the versatile ingredient, Sprouts collaborated with six up-and-coming companies to create a dedicated display.

BHU Foods, a maker of plant-based snacks, is launching five new items with a tiger nut base, including two bars, cereal clusters and two spreads.

Tiger nut flour is a top ingredient used by Mmmly, a brand of soft-baked cookies in flavors including dark chocolate chip, banana chocolate chip, peanut butter and simply almond.

Sweet Aya Bites is a line of snackable tiger nuts. Flavors include dark chocolate, sea salt and smoky barbecue. The snack is 40% lower in calories and 75% lower in fat than almonds and pistachios and requires 95% less water to grow, according to the company.

Ora Organic is introducing plant protein powder made with tiger nuts.

Three Wishes is expanding its line of breakfast cereal with a new horchata-inspired offering, which has a tiger nut base. The brand’s products are low in sugar, high in protein and gluten- and grain-free.

The Grain Free Baker markets allergen-free baking mixes based on tiger nut flour. Products include chocolate chip cookie and brownie mixes.

“We believe that tiger nuts are a delicious and nutrient-dense food that belong in American diets,” said William Iyawe-Parsons, founder of Los Angeles-based Sweet Aya Bites. “We are excited for the opportunity to be in Sprouts and work with the four other great brands.” 

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