NORTH STONINGTON, CONN. — Organic, allergen-friendly food company Jovial Foods is introducing a new shape to its gluten-free pasta portfolio: stelline pasta.

Meaning “little stars” in Italian, the shape also is called “pastina” at some companies, including pasta manufacturer Ronzini, who announced the discontinuation of its pastina shape at the beginning of this month. The pasta’s small shape traditionally has lent itself to be an approachable food for babies and toddlers. Ronzoni announced on Instagram that its pastina would be discontinued due to issues with the supplier, causing many internet personalities to bemoan the loss of a favorite childhood pasta.

“We have been working on a stelline pasta for several months now, so this could not have been timed more perfectly”, said Allison Houle, vice president of marketing at Jovial Foods.   “While our pastas are gluten-free, we still choose to use time-honored Tuscan pasta making techniques from long ago, resulting in an elevated taste and texture experience. Our new stelline pasta is inclusive and will satisfy both the loyal pastina lovers, as well as the growing base of consumers who cannot consume gluten.”

Jovial’s new pasta shape will be available direct-to-consumer in May and will roll out at Whole Foods Markets in June. According to the company, stelline pasta will be available at other retailers nationwide by January 2024.