Food Entrepreneur NEW YORK — Former Kind Snacks executives have launched a startup incubator and investment platform to support values-driven entrepreneurs. Camino Partners is led by a team of experienced operators who helped scale the nutrition bar brand to a multi-billion-dollar business, now owned by Mars, Inc.

“Through Kind, we have amassed tons of expertise on what it takes to identify a true white space, develop a unique value proposition, and grow an iconic brand that ultimately gives way to a successful global business,” said Daniel Lubetzky, founder of Kind Snacks and founder and chairman of Camino Partners. “Our team at Camino Partners is ready to help today’s brightest entrepreneurs do the same.”

Formerly Equilibra, Camino Partners seeks to develop, launch and build new enterprises alongside founders while offering operational guidance based on “integrity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit,” values that catapulted Kind Snacks to success. Portfolio companies include Belgian Boys, Gimme, Cava, Quevos and TaDah!, among others. Camino Partners also co-founded Mexican food brand Somos Foods, led by Mr. Lubetzky, Miguel Leal and Rodrigo Zuloaga.

“Too often in growth equity investing, entrepreneurs are forced to compromise their product, culture, vision or values to conform to an investor's markers for short-term success,” said Elle Lanning, managing partner at Camino Partners and a former executive at Kind Snacks. “We know that every company’s pathway to scale will look different, and we look forward to taking that journey with values-aligned partners.”

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