MALMO, SWEDEN — Some Oatly AB products sold in North America will begin featuring climate footprint labeling, according to the company. Oatly introduced the labeling program in Europe in 2021.

A product’s carbon footprint will be expressed in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents per kilogram of packaged food product. It is based on a life cycle assessment of the included products from grower to retailer. The company is working with CarbonCloud, Göteborg, Sweden, a third-party organization that aids in the carbon footprint calculation.

“Transforming the food industry is necessary to meet the current climate challenge, and we believe providing consumers with information to understand the impact of their food choices is one way we as a company can contribute to that effort,” said Julie Kunen, director of sustainability at Oatly North America. “We hope this next step of transparently bringing climate information to the forefront inspires other companies to do the same and helps consumers begin to recognize and learn about these indicators as they shop for their households.”

Other food companies working with CarbonCloud include Dole, Neleman Organic Vineyards, Naturli and Future Farm.