MINNEAPOLIS — Scoular has introduced a new name for its food ingredient business: Scoular Food Innovation. According to the company the new name “showcases its capabilities in providing innovative ingredients to customers” and reflects its “food industry expertise and experience supplying on-trend ingredients to meet growing consumer demand.”

“Scoular has long been a reliable partner delivering leading-edge food ingredients,” said Brian Hansen, general manager for Scoular Food Innovation. “The new name highlights the experience our customers get when working with us — access to custom, innovative ingredients, solutions and service.”

Scoular said the new business will focus on delivering ingredients that provide superior function, texture and flavor.

Scoular Food Innovation is expected to leverage in-house research and development to create and commercialize innovative product formulations. The new business also is expected to be able to maintain long-term relationships with top global food companies because of its experienced team, deep portfolio of high-quality, plant-based non-GMO and organic ingredients and commitment to strict food safety standards and on-time delivery.