Food Entrepreneur BOSTON — Chew, a food innovation lab based in Boston, is launching a line of sports nutrition products, including gels, gummies and hydration beverage mixes. The brand Fastfood was developed in collaboration with endurance athletes and incorporates galactose, providing a stable supply of carbohydrates, according to the company.

“As both a chef and an Ironman triathlete I have an intimate understanding of the essential benefits of quality high-performance fuel,” said Adam Melonas, founder and chief executive officer of Chew. “During my training, I struggled to accept that the sports nutrition marketplace often forces athletes to consume artificial ingredients at the expense of their holistic food values, and I was irritated enough to do something about it. Our science-fact approach at Chew is unparalleled within the industry, and we are extremely proud of what we were able to create with Fastfood. Athletes can now fuel themselves with the highest-performance product, while feeling comfortable and confident that they can maintain their health-and food-conscious lifestyles.”

Galactose, in combination with glucose and fructose, creates an ideal carbohydrate blend to support athletic performance, according to the company. Products include Galacto-Gels and Galacto-Gummies formulated with galactose, cane sugar, fruit and Himalayan pink salt. Flavors include mango passionfruit, strawberry cherry and yuzu guarana. The Hydrator beverage mixes contain cane sugar, glucose, makai sea salt, sodium, magnesium and zinc. Flavors include orange, lemon lime and raspberry pomegranate.

Fastfood products are available for pre-order at and will begin shipping in early March.  

An Australian chef and culinary consultant, Mr. Melonas founded Chew on the mission to “democratize good food,” which he defined as food that contains no artificial ingredients and has a low yet acceptable sugar content. Chew’s team of chefs, scientists and manufacturing experts has developed more than 4,000 products and co-authored more than 40 patents or patents pending. Clients range from pre-revenue startups to multinational companies with tens of billions of dollars in annual revenues, Mr. Melonas said. He has architected an approach to product development that challenges traditional expectations and processes.

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