OAKLAND, CALIF. — Functional soda maker Olipop has added a lemon lime soda to its product line.

Building off Olipop’s gut-friendly formulations and commitment to nostalgic flavors, such as root beer, cream soda and vintage cola, the lemon lime beverage combines the taste of Key lime pie with a squeeze of lemon for only four grams of sugar per can.

“Traditional soda flavors have deep meaning for many of us, so it is a huge honor when people swap out their beloved childhood favorites for Olipop’s healthier versions,” said Ben Goodwin, founder and chief executive officer of Olipop. “We craft each flavor with a lot of love and pay homage to the classics. I’ve put that same passion into our lemon lime flavor, which I can’t wait for people to try.”

Olipop’s lemon lime soda is available online at drinkolipop.com and in Whole Foods Market locations nationwide, with plans to launch in additional retailers later this spring.