PARAMUS, NJ – Royal Hollandia unveiled four new seasonal flavors for its line of premium Dutch cheese wedges.

Rolling out as a limited edition run, the newest products from the brand, operated by Royal FrieslandCampina, are black garlic gouda, walnut gouda, garden herb gouda and berry goat cheese.

Each wedge piece is 6 ounces, and the cheeses are sold in 10-piece boxes.

“We’re thrilled to be launching four deliciously unique seasonal flavors to the Royal Hollandia wedge product line,” said Debbie Seife, marketing director for FrieslandCampina, who added the company expects the cheeses will be “big hits with consumers who trust Royal Hollandia for its premium quality products.”

The brand’s established lineup of wedges includes mild gouda, Mediterranean herb, mild goat, mild edam, mild Maasdam, spiced Leyden and beechwood smoked.