NEW YORK — Investment firm ICV Partners, LLC has acquired two brands from Raymundo’s Food Group, LLC, a portfolio company of AUA Private Equity Partners, LLC, for an undisclosed sum.

The Desi Natural and Noga brands acquired through the transaction will operate as a new company under ICV, Desi Fresh Foods. Desi Fresh will continue to produce the brands’ lassi, a drinkable South Asian yogurt, and dahi, a yogurt used as an ingredient in several South Asian meals and beverages, products under the recently established label.

“ICV is excited to create a new company that is a leader in its category,” said Qian Elmore, managing director at ICV. “Desi Fresh Foods growth has outpaced the growth of the South Asian population and appeals to the broadening American consumer’s palate. We think there is considerable opportunity to bring Desi Fresh Foods products to more grocers in America.”

The company plans to operate out of its acquired manufacturing site in Farmingdale, NY. Larry LaPorta, general manager of the facility since 2018, has been named chief executive officer of Desi Fresh.

“We have plans to increase our distribution and new product offerings to meet the changing needs of our consumers,” Mr. LaPorta said. “Further, we will also invest to meet the growing demand for our fantastic brands. Ultimately, we want to create the leading refrigerated South Asian food company in the United States.”

The company joins JK&T Wings, the largest Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee, in ICV’s current food and beverage portfolio.