KANSAS CITY — With warmer temperatures around the corner, springtime flavors are making their seasonal return to shelves.

Candy company Brach’s, a brand from the Ferrara Co., released its first-ever globally inspired jellybeans, featuring five flavors: chocolate macaron, strawberry mochi, churro, apple pie and lemon sorbet.

“We’re constantly reviewing emerging flavors and cultural trends,” said Lauren Holtz Pezza, director of Brach’s and seasonal marketing at Ferrara Candy Co. “More than ever, consumers are focused on making memories together over adventurous flavors and experiences and we’re excited for our new Desserts of the World Jelly Beans to help satisfy those international cravings in a stress-free way this season.”

Climate-conscious and gut-friendly ice cream company Alec’s Ice Cream added a peanut butter fudge honeycomb flavor to its lineup. The new flavor is a play on founder Alec Jaffe’s favorite childhood candy bar, the Butterfinger, according to the company. It joins the existing line of six flavors, which includes Tahitian vanilla bean, chocolate chocolate chip, salted caramel latte, honey blueberry lavender, mint chocolate chip and matcha chocolate chip varieties.

The flavor features a peanut butter base, as well as ribbons of fudge and chocolate-covered honeycomb toffee pieces. Alec’s Ice Cream is made with regenerative-verified USDA-certified organic ice cream, meaning most of the ice cream base ingredients are certified or verified regenerative, according to the company.

Also in the freezer aisle, Ben & Jerry’s is adding a cinnamon-y churro-inspired flavor, which is joining the ice cream maker’s portfolio after a formulation process that has lasted years, according to the company. “Churray for Churros,” features a blend of a crunchy and butter texture, cinnamon and sugar.

“We interpreted the crunchy, sugary exterior of the churro into a swirl and buttery cinnamon ice cream for this flavor, while the cake-like interior texture of a churro is incorporated as soft, indulgent pieces throughout,” said Natalia Butler, flavor guru at Ben & Jerry’s. “We gave fans the base, but if you want to amp it up, you can have it your way with some chocolate or caramel drizzle.”

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