RICHVALE, CALIF. — Lundberg Family Farms has launched Regenerative Organic Certified rice and aims to certify all the organic rice it grows by 2027. The Richvale-based company grows organic rice and makes packaged rice and rice snacks.

The rice will be available at Whole Foods Market nationwide and at beginning April 4.

“Lundberg Family Farms has always aspired to, in my grandpa Albert’s words, leave the land better than we found it,” said Bryce Lundberg, vice president of agriculture and third-generation farmer at Lundberg. “We’re grateful that we were able to achieve certification, which validates that our farming practices align with Regenerative Organic Certified standards. We believe our family has been farming regeneratively for generations by prioritizing the health of our soil and supporting the ecosystem around our rice fields.”

The non-profit Regenerative Organic Alliance, in offering Regenerative Organic Certified, uses the US Department of Agriculture’s certified organic program as a baseline and adds other criteria and benchmarks related to regenerative agriculture.

Lundberg Family Farms prioritizes soil health through compost and cover crops, which help sequester carbon, restore nutrients to the soil, reduce weeds and prevent erosion. Each winter the company floods a portion of its fields to provide habitat and nutrition for wintering waterfowl. The feet of the waterfowl press rice straw into the soil, which helps decompose the straw and turn it into mulch for next year’s crop.