BOSTON — Motif Foodworks has begun the commercial launch for Appetex, an ingredient developed to alleviate consumer complaints about the texture of plant-based meat alternatives.

Derived from a combination of plant proteins and plant-based carbohydrates, Appetex is an edible hydrogel that may replicate the springy texture associated with animal-based connective tissue in conventional meat, according to the company.

“Our team continues to innovatively enhance the consumer experience of plant-based foods. Texture has been a big hurdle in that experience,” said Michael Leonard, chief executive officer of Motif. “Appetex provides a critical ingredient solution to advance consumer adoption of plant-based meat alternatives. We look forward to providing a better bite as we create the next generation of food."

Motif is also planning to launch a series of limited-time, direct-to-consumer finished products throughout the year to demonstrate the company’s ingredient capabilities. The first application, scheduled for April 2023, will feature a four-pack of plant-based burger patties formulated with Appetex and Hemami, Motif’s yeast-derived heme replacement.