ST. LOUIS — Volpi Foods, a maker of non-GMO, gluten-free charcuterie products, is adding its new Uncured Pepperoni & Chorizo Crumbles to the company’s line of premium meats.

The product blends the bold, savory and smoky flavors of pepperoni and chorizo with sweet paprika, pepperoncino flakes and fennel seed. Volpi’s crumbles are ready for use straight out of the package and offer a convenient way to add texture and flavor to a variety of meals, including pizzas, pastas, quesadillas, salads and soups.

“Our new Uncured Pepperoni & Chorizo Crumbles make such a delicious pizza topping but they are also really versatile to have on hand in the kitchen for so many other dishes,” said Lorenza Pasetti, chief executive officer of Volpi. “We're so excited to hear how people will use our latest product at home and make it their own.”

Available in 4-oz packages for $5.99, the crumbles are set to roll out in grocery stores nationwide by summer 2023.