BERKELEY, CALIF. — Plant-based meat manufacturer Renegade Foods has launched a new series of vegan shelf-stable salamis.

Made from organic whole food ingredients and spices, each serving of Renegade’s Artisan Vegan Salami contains 18 grams of protein, no flavor additives and 33% of the fat content of conventional salami. Current flavors include Sweet Toscana with roasted red pepper and fennel; Spicy Chorizo with sweet paprika and garlic; and applewood-smoked Smoky Soppressata with black pepper.

“Shelf-stable is a game changer for our business, our customers and the category,” said Iona Campbell, co-founder and chief executive officer of Renegade Foods. “For retailers, they can now easily cross merchandise our salamis throughout the store to improve velocity, from the cheese counter to the wine section and of course the current deli case. And this breakthrough comes without sacrificing the incredible flavors and nutritional profiles of our products.”