JERSEY CITY, NJ. — Cultivated meat startup Fork and Good is opening a pilot facility in Jersey City following a $22 million capital raise. Fork and Good will begin with a focus on cultivated ground pork and plans to expand into other types of meat.

“Opening our pilot facility brings us one step closer to fulfilling our mission of producing cultivated pork that is both delicious and accessible,” said Niya Gupta, Fork and Good co-founder and chief executive officer. “Given the hype in the space, we didn’t want to go public until we had something real.”

Fork and Good aims to offer a solution to a volatile pork industry impacted by a rise in viral diseases like African swine fever, diminishing resources and sustainability concerns.

Investors include True Ventures, Leaps by Bayer, Collaborative Fund, Firstminute, Green Monday and Starlight.

“To sustainably feed 10 billion people by 2050, we need to prioritize the development of alternative protein sources that are both nutritious and affordable at scale, using a fraction of the resources required today,” said Juergen Eckhardt, head of Leaps by Bayer. “We’re excited to see Fork and Good making progress toward this vision.”

Fork and Good uses a slightly different approach to cultivated meat than other companies by cultivating muscle cells instead stem cells. The company said this approach is simpler and more cost effective. It uses a patented bioprocess and unique bioreactors to increase yield and allow for higher production density.

“Achieving high yields at an affordable price point is incredibly complex, and Fork and Good is uniquely equipped for the task,” said Adam D’Augelli from True Ventures. “Its Jersey City facility can produce six to 10 times more pork per square foot than would be possible using traditional farming methods, with far less water and minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem."