BREA, CALIF. — Specialty coffee retailer Reborn Coffee, Inc. has leapt into the frozen aisle with its new line of coffee-inspired ice cream.

Reborn’s Super-Premium ice cream is made with clean ingredients, such as milk, cream, cane sugar and natural flavors, and infused with the company’s cold-brew coffee concentrate. Each batch is produced using slow-churning techniques that combine with 14% butterfat content to create a smooth, creamy taste.

“Super-Premium cold-brew ice cream is a natural extension of our brand, mission and innovative specialty roasted coffee, and we are incredibly excited to begin offering these initial flavors to customers,” said Jay Kim, chief executive officer of Reborn. “Our customers, including young urban professionals with high disposal incomes and brand conscious college students, are ideal demographics to target with luxurious and super-premium ice creams with flavors that appeal to their coffee-loving palettes.”

The ice cream is available in four flavors: Cold brew, alcohol-infused mocha rum and bourbon vanilla and non-dairy coconut cream. Reborn ice cream is currently available in its existing coffee shop and kiosk locations, with plans to scale into supermarkets in the Southern California area.

The company also is developing additional frozen dessert products, including strawberry matcha, acai and energy bowls.