LOUISVILLE, KY. — Kentucky Fried Chicken is making chicken nuggets a permanent addition to its menu following a successful test run in 2022.

The nuggets will be available in 5-, 8-, 12- or 36-piece servings individually along with combo options. Billed as a standalone meal, on-the-go snack or complement to other menu items, Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets will launch in participating locations nationwide on March 27.

“As the original fried chicken experts, we’re introducing a chicken nugget made the way only KFC can — hand-breaded with our distinctive Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices,” said Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer for KFC US. “Simply put, you've never had chicken nuggets like these — they’re the chicken nugget America deserves, and worth the wait.”

The company also is bringing back its $5 Mac & Cheese Bowl as a limited-time offering beginning April 3. Additionally, KFC will offer a Spicy Mac & Cheese Bowl that features its new nuggets and Nashville hot sauce.