BOULDER, COLO. — Plant-based food maker RollinGreens has launched its first chicken alternative.

Chic’Ken Chopped Fajita is derived from fermented shiitake mushrooms, peas and rice and produced in a shelf-stable format. Each pack of the chicken alternative contains 56 grams of protein, zero soy and ingredients like onion powder, chili pepper, red and green peppers, jalapeño peppers and paprika.

With roots tracing back to the 1980s, RollinGreens originally operated as an organic food truck in the Boulder area. The company began selling its plant-based offerings in retail locations in 2016 and garnered national attention following a 2020 appearance on Shark Tank.

RollinGreens products, including its taco meat, beef and chorizo alternatives, are available on the company’s website and at Kroger, Walmart, Whole Foods Market and Wegmans locations across the United States.