KANSAS CITY — From ice cream to cookies, new varieties of sweets are stocking shelves.

Ice cream company Blue Bunny added its take on soft serve to grocery stores with Soft scoopables, which is available in vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry and mint chocolate chip flavors.

“At Blue Bunny, we pride ourselves on making fun a part of consumers' lives every day,” said Jeremy Hrynewycz, brand marketing director, Blue Bunny. “To that end, we're thrilled to debut these new products that will bring playful indulgences to freezers across the country, making it more convenient than ever to have fun every day.”

New York-based Milk Bar is moving further into retail with a new cookie option and ready-to-bake dough. The cookies, under the brand name Crunchies, are bite-sized and made crispy from puffed rice cereal, according to the company. The Crunchies are available in four flavors: brown butter chocolate chip, cinnamon toast, pretzel-y chocolate chip and vanilla butter crunch. Manufactured by General Mills, the ready-to-bake cookie dough is available for a limited time and is available in two varieties: cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow and fruity cereal.   

“I can’t wait to share what we’ve dreamed up with these two treats: an epic snack in your daily routine with our crunchy cookies and an invitation into the kitchen to own the title of baker yourself with our ready-to-bake dough,” said Christina Tosi, chef, founder and chief executive officer of Milk Bar.

Back in the freezer aisle, Turkey Hill is bringing back a flavor in time for the start of baseball season. The graham slam ice cream features a graham flavor, chocolate marshmallow cups and a graham cracker swirl.

“Turkey Hill fans spoke, and we listened,” said Brittany Smith, director of marketing, frozen at Turkey Hill. “After almost daily requests and seeing a highly positive sentiment tied to bringing back our fan-favorite graham slam flavor, we couldn’t be more excited to do just that — everyone loves a good comeback, especially when it involves ice cream. What better way to celebrate your favorite baseball team’s wins this season than with graham slam.”

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