KANSAS CITY — Pantry items are getting a refresh as companies expand portfolios with new formulations.

Hidden Valley Ranch is adding a pickle-inspired ranch dressing, which features a tangy dill flavor.

“The flavors of ranch and pickle pair extraordinarily well,” said C.C. Ciafone, marketing director at Hidden Valley Ranch. “The tangy, dill-pickly flavor is the perfect complement to the creamy, savory flavor profile of Hidden Valley Ranch.”

Better-for-you sauce and condiment brand Primal Kitchen added a line of five sauces to its portfolio, including a Korean BBQ sauce, honey teriyaki sauce, and more.

“We're very excited about all the delicious new offerings Primal Kitchen is launching this spring,” said Morgan Buehler Zanotti, co-founder and president of Primal Kitchen. “The Primal Kitchen brand is only getting bigger and better while continuing to clean up the classics. In this case, we're proud of the innovative flavors we achieved without compromising on product quality or ingredient integrity.”

Campbell Soup Co.’s classic SpaghettiOs product is getting a spicy upgrade with the debut of SpaghettiOs Spicy Original, made with Frank’s RedHot, a McCormick & Co. brand.

“SpaghettiOs and Frank’s RedHot each have an undeniable fandom,” said Mieka Burns, vice president of meals and sauces, Campbell Soup Co. “Through this collaboration, we’re excited to put a hot, more mature twist on a classic offering that our adult consumers grew up enjoying.”

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