LAKE MARY, FLA.  — As consumers are seeking ways to improve their overall health and wellness, FFP has given them one more way to do so by expanding its portfolio of health and wellness solutions by adding natural L-theanine to its products.

L-theanine comes from green tea leaves and is an amino acid that is associated with multiple health benefits that consumers often are seeking. The ingredient can help improve sleep, decrease blood pressure and promote relaxation, according to the company.

“As more people seek ways to improve health and wellness, it is a great time for manufacturers to incorporate functional ingredients such as L-theanine to fulfill consumers’ desired health benefits,” said Jenna Callahan, category manager, FFP. “Our high-potency natural L-theanine is sourced directly from green tea leaves and standardized to 98% for effectiveness that can be used across a wide range of applications.

“Many of today’s consumers report high levels of anxiety and are looking for ways to alleviate daily stress. L-theanine can be an ideal addition to formulations as it is associated with multiple health benefits, including reduced mental fatigue and stress, decreased blood pressure, as well as improved focus and sleep. L-theanine can also be paired with caffeine to act as a cognitive ingredient to increase alertness while smoothing out the jitters and anxiety that consumers may typically experience with caffeine.”