BLAINE, MINN. — Crown has opened a liquids pilot plant inside its Global Innovation Center. The plant will enable the company to continuously process for testing, validating, scaling and commercializing renewable diesel/HVO, SAF and biodiesel, edible soils oleochemicals and specialty liquid extraction products.

Features include Crown’s RD ready pretreatment system, a double shell packed column continuous deodorizer, fat splitting technologies and a full suite of analytical lab testing.

“We designed the liquids pilot plant to offer superior oils and fats refining and pretreatment solutions for renewable fuels, biodiesel, edible oil and oleochemical companies,” said Kris Knudson, president and general manager of Crown. “Combined with our advanced technology, the expertise of our process engineers and the preparation and extraction capabilities of our Global Innovation Center, our new liquids pilot plant makes us a full solutions provider for the oilseed industry.”