NEW YORK — Omsom, the “proud, loud Asian home cooking” brand, is introducing a line of shelf-stable meals developed in partnership with Asian American chefs and tastemakers. Omsom’s Saucy Noodles combines noodles that may be prepared on a stovetop or in a microwave with a packet of sauce.

Offerings include soy garlic, coconut lemongrass curry, garlic black pepper and chili sesame.

“As kids, our refugee parents had limited time between work and raising us, so instant noodles became a close friend of ours from an early age,” said Kim Pham, who co-founded the company with her sister, Vanessa. “From instant spicy kimchi noodles to OG classics like beef broth ramen, we’ve long been fans of the category. However, for many, instant noodles are synonymous with a ‘cheap’ or ‘lackluster’ choice. We’re bringing our signature proud and loud Asian American energy to celebrate this format in a new way — with bold, rustic sauces and incredibly luxe air-dried, knife-shaved noodles. Our saucy noodles are a damn delicious and decadent meal primed to once again challenge Western perceptions of Asian American cuisine.”

New York-based Omsom debuted during the pandemic as a direct-to-consumer brand offering its initial product line of meal starters, combining the sauces, aromatics, seasonings and oils needed to cook a specific dish, such as Thai larb, Korean spicy bulgogi or Vietnamese lemongrass barbecue. The Pham sisters developed the brand to challenge widely held misconceptions of Asian American food and ultimately upend the “ethnic” aisle in supermarkets. In Vietnamese, “om sòm” means noisy, rambunctious and riotous. The brand uses vibrant colors, punchy graphics and bold flavors.

The noodle meals are available online at and will launch at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide in June.