MALMO, SWEDEN — Jean-Christophe Flatin has been named chief executive officer of the Oatly Group AB, effective June 1. He will replace Toni Petersson, who has served as CEO since 2012.

Mr. Flatin joined the company in 2022 as global president. Mr. Petersson will transition to co-chairman of the board of directors, according to the company.

“Jean-Christophe is a proven leader and the ideal person to help usher Oatly in our next phase,” Mr. Petersson said. “He has already strengthened our company for the better by putting our supply chain back on firmer footing, renewing our focus on innovation, and enabling our organization to go on offense to drive profitable growth,” Mr. Petersson said.

Mr. Flatin came to Oatly from Mars Inc. where he had worked for the past 30 years. Prior to joining Oatly he had served as president of innovation, science, technology at Mars.