JERUSALEM— Elements of breastmilk may be able to help those with inflammatory disorders, according to a recent study from BioFoodTech company Exosomm, Ltd. The company has taken its learnings to develop a functional ingredient featuring exosomes.

In their research, Exosomm developed a technology to isolate exosomes, which are natural particles found in maternal milk and play an important role in development of infants’ immune systems, the company said.

Exosomes are small nanoparticles produced by the body’s cells that naturally accumulate at high concentrations in mother’s milk, according to the company. They contain beneficial microRNAs: which are small, single-stranded noncoding RNA molecules shown in studies to have a significant impact on early child development and on the infant’s future health, the company said.

“Exosomm’s technology is based on cutting-edge scientific discoveries and is inspired by the virtues of mother’s milk and its unique health properties,” said Shimon Reif, head of the department of pediatrics at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. “We believe adults can benefit from exosomes as a valuable nutrient to help better manage chronic metabolic inflammatory disorders and to boost overall well-being. Further clinical research is in the pipeline, and we currently are focusing our studies on the role of exosomes in managing IBD conditions, such as Crohn’s and colitis.”

The company said its target markets are medical food brands and food formulations intended for special dietary needs. The exosomes also may be integrated as a functional ingredient in numerous food and beverage applications, according to Exosomm.