HUDSON, WIS.  — Ciranda is providing consumers with a new line of reduced-sugar syrups.

The reduced-sugar syrup flavors include agave and tapioca, which may be used as a single syrup replacement for traditional syrups, the company said.

Tapioca syrup RS18 is a clear, mildly viscous syrup produced from tapioca starch using enzymes. The company said its sweetness is similar to its tapioca syrup DE40, but with 38% less sugar. This tapioca syrup features film-forming and binding properties that are found in the company’s lower DE syrups. Key applications include bars, confections, and gummy supplements, the company said.

The agave syrup AL40 is a sweet, amber-colored syrup produced by hydrolyzing the carbohydrates in the blue agave plant using enzymes. With the enzymes converting a portion of the fructose into allulose, this provides a syrup with 40% less sugar and 40% fewer calories, the company said. Its key applications include frozen desserts, beverages, bakery, high-boil confections snacks and others.

Agave Syrup IN10 is a light amber syrup produced by hydrolyzing the naturally occurring carbohydrates in the blue agave plant. This syrup features 9% less sugar and 8% fewer calories and has 10% of the solids retained as prebiotic inulin fiber, according to the company. The syrup may be used in functional bakery and snack foods, and frozen dessert applications.