AMERICAN FORK, UTAH — Protein bar manufacturer Built has unveiled the latest additions to its line of protein-heavy snack products.

These additions include Built Bites, which are described as a “bite-sized version” of the company’s Built Puffs but with a “a fluffy, cloud-like texture at the core with a decadent chocolate dipped exterior”; Built Balls, which are described as “portable snacks (that) offer a balance of whey and collagen protein in a ball format with a brownie-like texture and soft, cream-filled center”; and Built Krispy, which is described as a “crispy concoction of high-quality protein sources like hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein isolate offers 20 grams of protein in two rich flavors, peanut butter chocolate and mint chocolate, with a texture reminiscent of a classic candy treat.”

“This new wave of innovation further demonstrates Built’s ability to be exceptionally nimble with implementing new ideas and creative concepts to best meet the needs of all different kinds of snackers,” said Nick Greer, co-founder and chief executive officer of Built. “Like every product from Built, we intentionally created these unique varieties with our consumers in mind, working to give them delicious, healthy offerings that fit their active, on-the-go lifestyles.”

The Built snack offerings are available on the company’s website.