Food Entrepreneur GREEN ISLAND, NY.  — MyForest Foods Co. has raised $15 million in Series A-2 funding.

The funding will enable the company to grow its product MyBacon, which is a mycelium-based meatless bacon product, to more consumers on the East Coast. The company is planning to use the funds to primarily support retail growth and foodservice presence. The funding round was led by MyForest Foods’ parent company, Ecovative Design.

In addition to raising $15 million, the company has hired Greg Shewchuck to lead as the new chief executive officer.

“MyForest Foods was founded by a team of innovators with a passion for growing mycelium, an insight into how to grow whole-cut meats, and a vision to eliminate factory farming,” said Eben Bayer, MyForest Foods’ co-founder and chairman of the Board. “I’m thrilled to bring Greg on board and leverage his savvy marketing and consumer packaged goods experience.”

Mr. Shewchuck was recently the CEO of SpoonfulONE, a food allergy prevention company that was acquired by Nestle in late 2022. He also held senior leadership positions at Campbell Soup Co., Mead Johnson Nutrition, Mondelez International, Cadburys Schweppes PLC, and Unilever.

“MyForest Foods has impressed me with its high-quality, delicious meatless products that support consumers’ desire for more eco-conscious food choices,” Mr. Shewchuck said. “With this new funding and renewed commitment from our investors, my goal is to double down on our marketing and sales functions to take the MyForest Foods brand to the next level.”

MyForest Foods Co. started in the alternative meat marketin 2020 with MyBacon. MyBacon is a meat-free bacon analogue made with mycelium, the vegetative part of fungus consisting of branching fibers. 

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