NAPERVILLE, ILL. — Baked foods and cake decorating company Wilton Brands is launching Dessert Drizzles, a line of easy-to-use syrup toppings.

The product provides a soft-setting flavor addition for desserts and beverages, with varieties like brownie batter chocolate, toffee caramel and strawberry. Wilton’s syrups are packaged in a ready-to-use squeezable bottle, require no heating and are formulated without any artificial colors or flavors.

The company also is expanding its decorative icing pouch offerings with two new flavors: strawberry and chocolate.

“We love the creativity that comes along with baking, and we wanted to create products that help inspire bakers while offering simpler, quicker solutions to icing,” said Samantha Nakano, Consumer Business unit director at Wilton. “Our Dessert Drizzles and Flavored Decorating Icing Pouches are easy to use and help bring decorating ideas to life, creating ‘wow’ designs that also taste delicious.”

The Dessert Drizzles and icing flavors will be available at retailers nationwide beginning in July.