WASHINGTON — U.S. Wheat Associates on June 21 issued its second weekly harvest report of the season and noted samples taken to date from the hard red winter wheat and soft red winter wheat harvests point to good quality crops.

U.S. Wheat indicated on the basis of 62 of 500 intended samples, hard red winter wheat was averaging 60.3 lbs per bu in test weight compared with the 2012 crop’s average of 61.1 lbs. Protein was averaging 12.9% versus 12.6% as the 2012 crop average. Dockage was averaging 0.72% versus the 2012 average of 0.5%.

The samples’ average grade was No. 1 hard red winter wheat, the same grade as in 2012.

The hard red winter wheat samples were from areas in central and northern Texas and southern, southwest, central, north central and northwest Oklahoma. U.S. Wheat noted shrunken kernels and low test weight appeared in isolated areas affected by March and April drought and freeze conditions.

The soft red winter wheat samples examined to date this season were from southern Arkansas. On the basis of these 36 samples, the 2013 soft red winter wheat crop was averaging 9.6% in protein compared with a 2012 crop average of 9.9%. Thousand kernel weight was averaging 31.5 grams compared with a 2012 crop average of 34.6 grams. The samples awaited further analysis, and no grade average was yet available. U.S. Wheat intends to examine 350 samples of soft red winter wheat from across all growing regions.