BOULDER, COLO. — Meat alternative manufacturer Meati Foods is launching four products under its Eat Meati line of animal-free protein.

Added varieties include Meati Crispy Bites, a chicken nugget alternative; Meati Garlic & Pepper Steak, featuring Meati’s Classic Steak with black pepper and roasted garlic seasoning; Meati Spicy Crispy Cutlet, a variation of Meati’s Classic Crispy Cutlet that includes moderate heat from cayenne and red pepper; and Meati Italian Seasoned Cutlet.  

The products are all formulated from Meati’s patented mycelium root structure ingredient, MushroomRoot, and feature high protein and fiber content.

“It’s easy for nutrition to fall by the wayside in favor of convenience and flavor when consumers are constantly on the go,” said Scott Tassani, president and chief operating officer of Meati Foods. “Like all meati products, Crispy Bites, Spicy Crispy Cutlet, Garlic & Black Pepper Steak and Italian Seasoned Cutlet are designed to make it turnkey to enjoy nutrient-rich and convenient meals that fit a range of taste preferences.”

Meati Crispy Bites are now available for standalone purchase online through the company’s website, and the other three products are available as part of holiday bundles. All products are expected to be available online for individual purchasing in December.

The launch comes just one month after Meati added its first shelf-stable snack offering