DELANO, CALIF. — With the launch of its new brand of seedless California mandarins, Paramount Citrus, a Roll Global company and the largest U.S. citrus grower, plans to spend $100 million over the next five years to market the fruit.

Wonderful Halos mandarins joins the portfolio of Wonderful Brands, which includes pistachios, almonds and POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. The multiyear, multimillion-dollar advertising campaign will promote mandarins to health-conscious consumers through television, print, on-line advertising and retailer promotions.

“Over the past few years, moms have really fallen in love with this fruit,” said David Krause, president of Paramount Citrus. “For children, it’s a healthy alternative to fatty foods like chips and cookies. Kids love the taste, and the small size and the easy ‘peel-ability’ make this different from other fruits. Halos are fun to peel and sweet to eat.”

Paramount Citrus announced last month it would end its joint venture with grower Sun Pacific to produce the Cuties brand of mandarins. Halos will be sold through a partnership with Fresno-based Fowler Packing.

Wonderful Halos mandarins will be available in 3- and 5-lb boxes in grocery stores beginning this fall.