Food Entrepreneur WINSTON-SALEM, NC. —  Coffee maker Rarebird Inc. has received a patent for its Px Coffee formulation. The company’s coffee is formulated with paraxanthine (PX), a caffeine alternative aimed at helping consumers limit their caffeine intake.

Paraxanthine occurs naturally in the body when the liver metabolizes, or breaks down, caffeine, according to the company. The company was founded in 2020 by co-founder and chief executive officer Jeffrey Dietrich, PhD, and AD Andracchio. 

Rarebird said its Px Coffee may help consumers feel less jittery, anxious, or over-caffeinated. The product is currently only offered online but the company is planning to offer it on the market at a later time. 

“The securement of our latest patent is a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication,” Dietrich said. “We have been head down focused on getting this over the finish line and are beyond excited to share this notable milestone with the world. We believe that Px Coffee offers all of caffeine’s benefits without any of its drawbacks, and we look forward to introducing it to the world in 2024 and beyond.”


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