KANSAS CITY — New cheese and cheese alternative products are aimed at reaching a wider consumer market.

The Laughing Cow, a Bel Brands USA company, launched a plant-based spreadable cheese. The dairy-free offering is aimed at consumers seeking spreadable plant-based alternatives, and uses almond milk to create a creamy texture. The Laughing Cow’s product is initially available in a garlic and herb flavor, and the company plans to explore spicy additions for 2025.

“We've spent months perfecting the recipe for The Laughing Cow Plant-Based and are equally excited for this product to hit shelves now as we are for consumers across the country to try it,” said Zach Fatla, brand director of The Laughing Cow. “This launch marks a new step for the brand, and we look forward to sharing the deliciousness of The Laughing Cow with a whole new audience.”

Cream cheese maker Franklin Foods expanded its portfolio with a plant-based offering under the brand name SimplyV. The product is formulated from an almond base and is free from dairy, soy, palm oil, lactose and gluten. Flavor varieties include original, strawberry and onion and chive.

Lastly, plant-based food maker Daiya Foods launched its reformulated line of dairy-free cheeses. The products are now manufactured using Daiya’s gluten-free oat cream blend, which was developed following the company’s  investment in traditional fermentation technology.

 Daiya’s reimagined cheeses aim to provide dairy-like melting capabilities and authentic cheese flavors that bridge the taste and texture gap with conventional cheeses.

“Our new and improved dairy-free cheeses are now made with Daiya oat cream blend for a cheesy, ‘melts-like-dairy’ experience that comforts in only the way cheese should,” said Melanie Domer, chief commercial officer at Daiya. “We expect this advancement to not only rejuvenate consumer confidence in the category, but revitalize the category’s market potential, finally offering retailers a product that truly bridges the gap between consumer expectations and dairy-free offerings.”

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