WOONSOCKET, RI. — CVS Pharmacy has debuted a new line of private label snack, beverage and grocery products under the Well Market brand.

The lineup includes more than 40 new products aimed at consumers seeking food and beverage solutions formulated free from artificial preservatives, colors and sweeteners. Well Market’s offerings are designed to offer a blend of nutrition and flavor benefits while catering to dietary needs and vegan, gluten-free and keto preferences.

“Well Market offers exciting new options for consumers to explore their taste preferences and nutritional needs,” said Mike Wier, vice president of store brands at CVS Health.

Products in the Well Market portfolio will include a variety of dried fruit snacks, vegetable straws, flavored snack nuts, trail mix, popcorn, chips, cookies, granola, alkaline water and hydration mixes.

Well Market offerings are rolling out into CVS locations nationwide now through the end of the year, with a price range between $2.99 and $8.99.

“From the easy-to-understand packaging to the delicious snacks themselves, our customers can feel great about consuming Well Market products as part of their individual wellness goals,” said Musab Balbale, chief merchandising officer at CVS Health.