KODAK, TENN. — Swaggerty’s Farm, a family-owned and operated sausage producer, plans to add 50,000 square feet to its headquarters in Kodak. The new addition will aid an increase in efficiency and productivity, double output capacity and help decrease labor hours.

The company plans to start construction by the summer of 2024 and complete the expansion by the end of 2025. Key features in the new construction will include the latest energy-efficient technologies, from lighting to panels with high thermal performance that are more durable, energy-efficient and installed smoothly for a quicker construction time.

“We look forward to the completion of the new building and a more streamlined process with improved efficiencies and that will benefit our operations and enhance quality for our customers,” said Jon Amidei, chief operating officer of Swaggerty’s Farm. “The expansion will help support the tremendous growth we continue to achieve and help set our future leaders and generations up for success.”

The Swaggerty family began operations four generations ago in 1930 in a small East Tennessee valley town and uses fresh pork with no fillers and a unique blend of spices for its sausage. Swaggerty products are now available in over 18,000 retailers, wholesale distributors, and foodservice establishments throughout the nation.