ARLINGTON, VA.  — Nestle, which owns such brands as Life Cuisine, Lean Cuisine, Boost, and others, is adding a new brand to its portfolio aimed to support GLP-1 weight loss medication users and consumers focused on weight management.

Vital Pursuit’s meals will offer high protein, fiber, essential nutrients, will be portion-aligned and will feature gluten-free options and several air-fryer ready items.

The line will come in frozen formats, including bowls with whole grains or protein pasta, sandwich melts, and pizzas. Suggested retail price will be $4.99 and under, according to the company.

“At Nestle we want to be there for every moment in our consumers’ lives — today and in the future,” said Steve Presley, chief executive officer, Nestle North America. “As the use of medications to support weight loss continues to rise, we see an opportunity to serve those consumers. Vital Pursuit provides accessible, great-tasting food options that support the needs of consumers in this emerging category. We’re leveraging our deep understanding of consumers and nutritional science to stay ahead of the trends that are shaping consumer behaviors, and innovating across our portfolio to deliver products people will love.”

The line will be available by the fourth quarter and will feature 12 stock-keeping units that will be available at select retailers nationwide.

In October 2023 during an earnings call to discuss financial results for the year’s first nine months, Ulf Mark Schneider, chief executive officer of Nestle SA, said the company’s Boost nutritional drinks and Optifast products were examples of potentially assisting consumers on GLP-1 drugs.

“For the time that patients spend on these drugs and after, we are already developing a number of companion products,” Schneider said. “The goal will be to address the risk of malnutrition and the loss of lean muscle mass while on the GLP-1 therapy and to avoid or limit weight rebound after the therapy. These innovations are right in our wheelhouse where we can bring our deep understanding of nutritional science and appropriate supplementation to the table.”