Food Entrepreneur NEW YORK — Chunk Foods, maker of plant-based products that mimic whole cuts of meat,  showcased two new products at the National Restaurant Association Show.

The plant-based meat maker recently added Chunk Cubes and Chunk Slabs to its product line.

The company began its line with a 4-oz steak, a 6-oz steakhouse cut, and a pulled meat product.

Its products are formulated from cultured soy, wheat protein and fortified with B12 and iron using solid state fermentation.

Chunk said its slab may be used for briskets and pastrami, smoking and grilling and carving.

Its cubes were created to target fast casual dining restaurants and may be used in salads or as a bowl topping.

“We are proud of how quickly we have grown in the US market, and we can’t wait to show off more of our cutting-edge products to the foodservice space,” said Amos Golan, chief executive officer at Chunk Foods. “We are continuing in our mission to make plant-based eating accessible and delicious to more people by providing quality cuts of meat and making Chunk a staple protein everywhere in the US a real new classic. We are listening to the feedback of our customers and what they need, from product to packaging, to cooking methods and beyond.”


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