Food Entrepreneur NEW YORK — Linkt is a 3PL and managed supply chain services platform for consumer packaged goods companies in the food and beverage industries.

Frazer Kinsley founded Linkt to provide the CPG food and beverage industry solutions in managed supply chain services to scalable, custom distribution strategies.

Linkt offers brands one-on-one consulting and technology to help them scale up or down, which eliminates the need for brands to redo their supply chain strategies when consumer demand changes or if brands enter new markets, according to the company.

“The most common supply chain challenges CPG and food and beverage brands face include tight capacity, strict compliance rules, tight deadlines, and continuously rising operational costs,” said Frazer Kinsley, managing partner at Linkt. “Our approach is to delve deep into the unique aspects of each and every business we service, identifying their specific business requirements to craft supply chain solutions that not only ensure reliability and flexibility but also drive significant cost efficiencies throughout the supply chain.”

Linkt also offers managed supply chain services, PO management and retailer consolidation, direct-to-store and self-distribution, and full-scale distribution. 

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