KANSAS CITY — Recent launches at retail are prioritizing fan-favorite flavors.

Cambell Soup Co.’s Pepperidge Farm subsidiary is launching a spicy dill pickle Goldfish flavor after the company said it received many requests from fans. The limited-time offering is said to combine tangy dill pickle with spicy red chili peppers and is available through the summer.

This new flavor addition comes on the heels of Goldfish announcing it is bringing back its Old Bay Seasoned crackers for another year, after they were first introduced in May 2022.

“Fan passion for new Goldfish flavors is a constant source of inspiration for us,” said Janda Lukin, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Campbell’s Snacks. “Overwhelming demand on social media and even a petition for a pickle flavor fueled the creation of our new spicy dill pickle cracker. This delicious and craveable summer snack is sure to satisfy Goldfish and pickle enthusiasts alike.”

Spicy rolled tortilla chip brand Barcel added a new flavor, Takis Cobra. The new flavor, which has “the fiery intensity of a cobra,” is flavored with Worcestershire sauce.

“We’re always looking for ways to celebrate the innovative, trailblazing energy of our fans, and were taking it up a notch with the debut of a unique, fierce flavor from Takis Cobra,” said Sandra Kirkpatrick, senior marketing director for Takis. “Our fans crave the latest and greatest flavors, so we’re excited to introduce something unlike anything else in today’s snack market.”

Kraft Heinz sauce brand Heinz added two limited-edition sauces, black garlic ranch and harissa aioli. The brand tested six sauces in select restaurants last year and is bringing the two fan-favorite choices to shelves. This addition marks the first restaurant-to-retail launch for the brand.

“Last summer, social media was buzzing when we tested our limited-edition ‘sauce drops’ in a few key restaurant chains around the country,” said Katie Peterson, director of Heinz innovation at The Kraft Heinz Co. “Our feed was filled with comments from fans who loved the sauces, as well as those who were clamoring to get their hands on them. Seeing the irrational love the drops generated — particularly black garlic ranch and harissa aioli — we knew we had to bring these products to store shelves nationwide so the rest of the country to enjoy them.”

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