HANOVER, PA. — G&S Foods, LLC, a co-packer and private label manufacturer of snacks, celebrated the opening of its 348,344-square-foot snack food manufacturing plant in Hanover on June 5.

“This expansion will not only allow us to increase production capacity but also empower us to develop even more innovative and delicious snack options for our customers,” said Dan Morgan, president and chief executive officer of G&S Foods. “We’re proud to be investing in the Hanover community.”

Patricia Warehime, board member at G&S Foods, added, “This new facility is the continuation of our family legacy in the snack food industry.  I am incredibly proud of the team at G&S and their accomplishments which led to the need for and ability to create this amazing plant.”

Warehime is the widow of the late Michael Warehime, former chairman, president and CEO of Snyder’s Bakery. Michael Warehime died in 2014 at the age of 73. When he died, he was chairman of Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.

G&S Foods said the facility gives it more space to meet the growing demand in the snack food co-packing and private label industries. It also has been equipped with advanced technology to create “healthier, unique and on-trend snack options,” the company said.

G&S Foods also said the facility has allowed it to consolidate operations, bringing production, research and development, warehousing and administrative offices into one building.

Founded in 1996 in York County, Pa., G&S Foods acquired TastySnack Quality Foods in 1999, a move that allowed the company to add enrobing capabilities. Shortly after the acquisition the companies moved to a 110,000-square-foot facility in Abbottstown, Pa. In 2018, G&S Foods was acquired by MAW Acquisitions LP, which is made up of former owners of Snyder’s Bakery. The company makes pretzels, popcorn, extruded snacks, enrobed snacks and pellet snacks, such as vegetable chips and straws.