FRESNO, CALIF. — California Natural Color has added Pure Purple Butterfly Pea to its crystal colors portfolio.

Food manufacturers will see blue and purple hues in product applications through the Pure Purple Butterfly Pea coloring agent.

Pure Purple Butterfly Pea, derived from the butterfly pea flower, offers purple shades in a pH of 4.0 or below and blue hues in applications greater than a pH of 4.0, according to the company.

The ingredient also is water soluble and may be used in such applications as alcoholic beverages, sports and nutrition drinks, soft drinks and juices, ice cream and frozen dairy desserts, confection, and more.

California Natural Color is a supplier of fruit and vegetable concentrates, grape juice concentrates, natural colors and grape seed extract.

The company uses a variety of fruits and vegetables in its liquid and crystal colors that range from red grapes, black carrot, purple sweet potato among others, according to the company.