LONDON — OFI set goals for 2030 in emission reductions and regenerative farming when issuing its sustainability strategy called “Choices for Change” on June 18.

The company, part of the Olam Group, aims to reduce Scope 3 emissions by 30% and bring 2 million hectares (4.9 million acres) of land under regenerative farming practices by the end of this decade. OFI also plans to enhance the lives of one million farmers by helping them be more productive.

OFI’s global operations span about 50 countries. Its leading product platforms of cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts and spices already have specific strategies or programs to address each supply chain.

“Choices for Change is the next phase in our journey, building upon and reinforcing years of experience in managing sustainability programs spanning hundreds of farming communities,” said Roel van Poppel, chief sustainability officer. “Our team of over 500 sustainability experts from Côte d’Ivoire to Brazil, from Vietnam to Ghana, bring a deep understanding of and capability to solve some of the key environmental and humanitarian challenges in the food system.”