Food Entrepreneur LOS ANGELES — MOSH, the protein bar brand focused on brain health, has a fresh look and a new formulation.

MOSH, which stands for Maria Owings Shriver Health, was co-founded by mother-son duo Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger in September 2021 after Alzheimer’s claimed the life of Shriver’s father, Sargent Shriver.

The founders partnered with brain health experts and nutritionists to develop the protein bars.

The bars previously were formulated with the company’s signature brain fuel blend of flaxseed, lion’s mane mushroom, vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and ashwagandha. Other brain-boosting ingredients include collagen, medium-chain triglyceride oil and omega-3 fatty acids.

Its core collection of protein bars features grass-fed whey protein and collagen and its most recent plant-based line features soy, pea and pumpkin protein flavored with fruit.

The 10 reformulated bars now contain the company’s signature brain blend and Cognizin Citicoline. MOSH said Cognizin is a nootropic that supplies the brain with a patented form of citicoline.

“We’ve worked hard to keep all the good stuff consumers love while avoiding the bad,” Schwarzenegger said. “Our goal is to provide you with delicious, nutritious bars that support your health and taste great.”

The old packaging featured designs inspired by a brain scan. Its new design still highlights the Alzheimer’s movement with a purple logo, which is recognized as the color for the Alzheimer’s movement, and bright and inviting colors.

“Our first iteration of branding for MOSH was a great start for DTC,” he said. “But as we push to go into retail, we’ve found we needed something bolder and brighter to stand out in the sea of bars. You only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of a customer, and we felt highlighting our food imagery and putting a bolder logo with bright colors would help the consumer differentiate flavors would lead us to retail success.”

While MOSH may have a new look, the company still remains the same on its mission.

“We’re committed to supporting Alzheimer’s research and changing the conversation around Alzheimer’s,” Schwarzenegger said. “The goal is to have people proactively care for their brains the way they do their biceps or thighs.”

Funds from purchases go toward research for the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement (WAM) at Cleveland Clinic.

“MOSH isn’t just a mission-driven company,” Shriver said. “Mission is built into every fiber of our brand, from our packaging to ingredients and proceeds. (And) because we go the extra mile, MOSH is bound to spark conversations, ignite change, and illuminate paths to a brighter, healthier future.” 

Select flavors of the protein bars will be available in 400 Sprouts Farmers Market nationwide.

The bars are also available on MOSH’s website, Thrive Market and select retailers. Consumers may purchase a 12-pack for $43.99. 

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