Food Entrepreneur SEATTLE — Atomo Coffee has added the Remix coffee blend to its coffee line. Atomo produces its coffee using upcycled ingredients, including date seeds, sunflower, guava and lemon. The Remix line is a blend of the company’s “beanless” coffee and Arabica beans.

“With Remix, there is no longer a need to destroy forests to increase coffee production,” said Andy Kleitsch, chief executive officer of Atomo. “Atomo has created the solution, and consumers are eager to support it. But to make the most powerful impact, companies like Starbucks, Nestle, and others must decide if they will sit on the sidelines or take real action to address the impact of conventional coffee on our planet.

“Remixed coffee is a win-win — not only is the taste indistinguishable to consumers, but in most instances, it improves the taste of conventional coffee while making an instantaneous positive impact on the planet.” 

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