BEND, ORE. — BranchOut Food Inc., a food technology company focusing on dehydrated fruit and vegetable-based products, is rethinking its strategy by entering the industrial food ingredients market. BranchOut Food uses a GentleDry Technology for dehydration, which preserves up to 95% of the nutrition of fruits and vegetables, according to the company.

The company began in 2018 with a small dehydration machine in Bend, Ore. It has since expanded to a large-scale factory in Peru and works with local farmers upcycling fruits and vegetables for its products, according to the company.

Its product line includes pineapple chips, crispy Brussels sprouts, chewy banana bites, bell pepper crisps and avocado chips.

The company said it is currently building out an internal sales and marketing team for its new channel.

“We believe that BranchOut Food has a significant competitive advantage in this space,” said Eric Healy, chief executive officer of BranchOut Food. “Due to our proprietary technology and its ability to deliver innovative, new products that have not previously been possible, as well as our large-scale manufacturing facility in Peru. Our proximity to abundant fresh fruit and vegetables in Peru allows us the freedom to manage quality control and cost of goods ourselves.

“Our recent purchase of a fourth EnWave radiant energy vacuum (REV) machine, a 100kW nutraREV system, will enable us to meet the rising demand for our branded and private label products from some of the nation’s largest retailers and best known brands. This machine is highly optimized and efficient at producing premium fruit and vegetable pieces, fragments and powders with excellent quality, throughput and margins.”