Food Entrepreneur NEW YORK — Frozen food brand Balkan Bites has added Mini Phyllo Rolls to its southeastern European-inspired product line. The company’s flagship product is its burek, a traditional flaky, savory phyllo pie.

The phyllo rolls, which may be prepared in the oven or an air fryer, are made with fresh phyllo dough and feature unbleached flour, extra virgin olive oil and butter. Flavors include spinach and cheese, beef and onion and cheese medley.

 “It all started when I approached my aunt Alida to teach me traditional Albanian recipes in memory of our late grandmother, Magbule,” said Ariana Tolka, co-founder of Balkan Bites. “Our bond grew stronger as we baked together, and soon we were sharing our creations at pop-ups in NYC, receiving overwhelming support from customers worldwide.”

The rolls are available through the company’s website and will become available in stores.

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